The following is an account of my incredible experiences with Elite Fitness Plus (FFP) over the last five months. I am providing this so that others who may be dealing from similar physical problems, or are elderly like me (75), or those of any age who want to regain their balance, posture, stamina and/or increase strength, I strongly recommend their fitness programs.

Several months ago I was diagnosed with a cancer, which was located in my left kidney. It was necessary to undergo surgery to remove the kidney in its entirety. This action resulted in the total removal of the cancer. For this I am truly thankful, but this experience was not without major consequence to me. Subsequently, I lost 30 lbs. of weight, suffered from an overall loss of strength, dizziness and a serious loss of balance.

I had always been an active person, and then I was not able to do any of the activities I loved. Prior to this operation, I was playing golf two to three times a week and capable of walking the course without a cart. This inability was unacceptable to me. I needed professional help in restoring my physical stamina and sense of balance.

My wife is a member of EFP, and had been for a few of years. She has suffered pain and difficulty with mobility due to severe arthritis, throughout her body for many years. Because of their excellent and individualized program for her, she has continued to remain mobile. She is able to walk, without aids and her pain has been greatly controlled. Because of her successes with EFP, I decided to give their program of personalized fitness training a trial.

Now, after only a few months, I am delighted to say that I have significantly improved my balance, strength and stamina, even beyond my expectations. This has proved to be the best decision I have made. Today, several months later, I have improved my strength and stamina and have restored my balance and posture.

I am a very satisfied customer of Elite Fitness Plus

I am an avid golfer but after completing a round at The Seabee Course, I could barely walk back to the car.  I prided myself on walking the course, but it was becoming clear I was heading for cart golf.  When I got home, I struggled to get out of the car.  I was sore and stiff.  Getting up our of a chair or off the floor was difficult.   I knew something had to change.

Weighing nearly 32 pounds more than I did when I left the Navy in 1994, I  joined EFP.    Three months personal instruction was very helpful in making me ready for small group classes.  For nearly seven years I have participated in small group classes for cardio, weight training, and recovery.  The transformation has been astounding.    Appproaching 70 (yikes!) I walk golf courses with ease.   I no longer look like Homer Simpson.  Now with a strong core, my belt size is more than 2 inches less than when I left the Navy although I weigh 3 pounds more (still down 29 lbs).  And my periodic bouts with significant back pain have disappeared.  I still get reminders but it usually corrects itself in one day.   My chiropractor has seen the difference with longer times between visits that focus on maintenance not pain.

It makes staying disciplined a lot easier when you know the people you train with care and are meticulous in helping you avoid injury by doing exercises correctly.   The dedicated professionals of EFP are responsible for my results along with my determination to attend classes on a regular basis, every week.

Unfortunately, my golf game has gotten worse, from a 5 to a 9 handicap.  However I have an excuse.  I tell my friends when I hit bad shots, my new strength and flexibility is killing my game.


Ever since I started at Elite Fitness, I have never felt better both physically and mentally. I start my day with eFiit every day and I feel energized and motivated at work, I eat healthier and push harder every work out. The facility is top knotch, clean and has the amenities I need and use. Thanks Elite Fitness

It is not often that one receives much more than what is anticipated.  This is, however, the case with Elite Fitness Plus!  Professionalism, attention to detail, expertise, and concern are just a few of the adjectives that describe Mike Davis and his associates.  As in most endeavors, the proof is in the pudding, and after a year of Elite Fitness Plus coaching every measurable physiology of mine has substantially improved.  The experience of the coaching protocol is unequaled.  I whole heartily recommend the Elite Fitness Plus regime.

I have worked out at Elite Fitness Plus for more than a year and the results have been terrific.  I needed to improve my overall health and to help address some lower back issues.  Through this period I have found the coaches at EFP to be very professional, thoughtful, and knowledgeable.  And they are great to work with.  This is a very serious and intimate work out environment – with only serious clientele – exactly the type of gym that I needed.

After many years of experiencing a personal trainer, I discontinued working with him as a result of persistent injuries.  I was encouraged to look at Elite Fitness Plus and my experience has been energizing and motivational.  Their expertise in recognizing the training that is necessary for injuries has enabled me to get back to what I truly love which is tennis and golf.  The use of different coaches keeps it new and challenging each session.  In conclusion, the feel at EFP is intimate, motivational, clean and extremely professional.  It’s like no other gym.

“After training just 6 months at Elite fitness, my doctor told me I was in better shape now than I had been in the last 10 years. I feel great!”

“As the President and CEO of a large construction firm, I never realized how much stress I was under and how important taking care of my health was until I found myself in the hospital after a having a heart attack.

Unfortunately it took a heart attack to start taking care of my physical well-being.  This is when I became a client of Elite Fitness Plus.  It has been 8 years since I started an all inclusive fitness program and because of this program I feel stronger, more productive and more cardiovascular fit.  I lost weight and most importantly regained my health.

I have had several doctors’ appointments over the years and every time the doctor encourages me to stay with the program at Elite, because it works.  I feel like I am in the best shape of my life and it feels good to be reconfirmed from my doctor.  He has run several physiology tests and the test results have all shown that physically my heart is healthy and I have no other health issues.

Elite Fitness Plus has helped me over the years to really develop healthy lifestyle habits through nutrition, exercise and cardio.  Thank you for all the support and thank you most of all for giving me my health back.  You have showed me how important it is to take care of your health and well-being.

As a business owner under stress on a daily basis now, thanks to Elite, I understand the importance of establishing healthy lifestyle habits, believe this should be a priority in everyone’s life.  I am a true believer in Elite Fitness Plus’ quality fitness program and would recommend the program to anyone.”

I have been working out at Elite Fitness for two months now. The following is a brief summary of my experience so far:

Convenience A+… perfect for my busy schedule.

Reliability A+… gym open when they say and instructors ready.

Punctuality A+… I have never waited for a trainer/machine/shower.

Knowledge A+… I’m in the medical field..these guys know the body and it’s limits.

Individuality A+… All workouts have been designed to cater to my herniated disc.

Organization A+… Great notes are taken about previous workouts, diet and non-workout day exercise patterns.

Encouragement A+…Trainers know what to say and when to get the most out of you.

Friendliness A+…This place is truly the “Cheers” of workout facilities but you walk out with a healthy, natural high.

This is the honest truth and is a completely uncoerced testimonial.

Elite Fitness Plus = Results,

“Even for a full-time professional with a family who believed she’d never again have the time or motivation to get back into shape. I truly look forward to coming, and that’s saying something considering how hard you work once you’re here. Mike and the fitness coaches cultivate a warm, friendly atmosphere and they are so positive, motivating, knowledgeable and professional, you can’t help but move forward. I know that what I am learning here will help me maintain a lifestyle of health and fitness. You guys are the BEST.”

I would like to take a moment to share my experience with Elite Fitness Plus with other clients as well as potential clients. I came to Elite at the beginning of October 2008. I was in reasonable shape. My body fat was 17%. My goal was to lose about 10 pounds. Increase my flexibility, posture and core strength for golf. Well, it is now the end of March. My body fat is 12.5%. I weigh 182 (10 pounds less). Most importantly I am now hitting all my clubs significantly longer! I am at least 20 to 30 yards longer with the driver. My irons go at least 10 yards longer than before!

The programs are intense, but worth it. I am 56 years old, 6’1″ tall and now weigh 182lbs.

I have been training at EFP for 3 months and am extremely happy with my entire experience. Seldom, if ever, these days do you find a place where there is no weak link. The facility itself is very clean, attractive, size is perfect and the atmosphere is more like a martial arts studio than the usual “gym” feeling…which I love!!

Every coach has been so great to work with – professional, knowledgeable, inspirational, and pleasant to be with. There is not a minute of wasted time while you are there. The programs are so well planned with individual attention to the person being trained. You are pushed to your limit while being carefully monitored for safety.

The best benefit of the training is that it is also planned with your sport I mind. Golf is mine; the improvement in my play is enormous already. I don’t get that tired let down around hole 15 or 16 anymore…and I have gained noticeable distance on my drives (15-20 yards!), irons, and feel more strength and balance on all my shots…confidence is very comforting!! All in all, a terrific place. I feel better, sleep better, eat less, and smile more. Money and time well spent!!

I was asked to write a testimonial on behalf of EFP, but I prolonged writing it for the fact that I wanted to see the results of my 6 week evaluation. I knew after a month of working out at EFP, I was seeing results, but couldn’t really verify it. Now that I just did my 6 week evaluation, I now have some facts to share. I lost over 2 inches in my waist size, lost 6 lbs, my body fat was reduced by 5% and my blood pressure was lower. My endurance, leg strength and flexibility increased significantly. I am very excited about the way I feel and look!

I hate working out. Really. I hate sweating. I hate doing the “just three more reps.” I hate the time I spend away from my nice comfy couch.

What I really hate is that I have to get new clothes. My 42″ jeans – the ones that barely fit on December 5th when I started at Elite Fitness – have gone from too tight to fitting to falling off. Then the 40s that I bought went from fitting to falling off. That sucks. I was able to dig out and start wearing the 38s I had in the garage that I outgrew a dozen years ago – at least I’m saving money there. (I’m sure it won’t be too long until those are too big and I’ll have to go shopping again. Hate that! )

And I hate those coaches at Elite. They’re always so happy! Must be because they fooled me into getting through the sets of exercises again. Or maybe it’s because they’ve planted those little voices in my head that make me do all the cardio and abdominal work on my own when I am away from the facility. Don’t quite know. And Alan – the nutritionist. He seems to get so much joy out of telling me I’ve gone from over 30% body fat to under 20% body fat in less than 4 months!

Oh – and yeah – I also hate all these changes to my body. I was so used to my old shape. Now, after I’ve lost 38 pounds of fat and gained 14 pounds of muscle – I see a different me in the mirror. Oh Yeah – the seat belt in my car stays where it belongs – not creeping up under my arm pit. And my hockey jerseys don’t bind around my middle. I have to worry about my cell phone being exposed because my belly isn’t always covering the case on my belt.

What’s really crazy is I keep coming back for more. (Well, maybe I don’t hate Elite Fitness as much as I think I do.)

So – would I recommend Elite to anyone? Only if you want to get the most out of the time and money you put into getting healthy.

Too those who are debating the choice; Pull the trigger, lose the weight, get in the best shape of your life. It will take effort, but the results and the way you will feel are unbelievable! I lost 25 pounds, and in the process turned most of that into muscle. I don’t wake up with aches and pains any longer, and I feel better than when I was in my 20′s! I have referred many friends to Elite, and each one of them feels the same way. It’s not too good to be true, it just takes a little effort and commitment and you’ll be better than ever!

Just wanted to say thanks for what Elite Fitness Plus has done for me over the past five years and especially for last year. As you recall six months ago I was in terrible condition: I was finishing a series of grueling career exams that had been going on for three years and at the end of a heartbreaking divorce that I did not want and fought every step of the way. Years of stress decimated me: My glucose level went from under 100 which is normal to over three hundred which requires hospitalization. Cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure and weight were also at dangerous levels. In short, I was at Death’s Door.

With your guidance on diet and exercise I got these numbers down and now they are better than ever. My cholesterol dropped 60 points, which is lower than it has ever been. I lost forty pounds, so I am now at my weight on my first day of college back in ’81. The glucose levels are now low rather than high and my doctors really don’t know what to make of it. They want to keep me in their waiting rooms as poster child for the benefits of diet and exercise.

While the benefits of Elite Fitness Plus are many, I would like to highlight a few I have found most valuable.

1.Consistency: You make the workout fun so I continue to attend, and never find a reason completing enough to skip a session. I slept through one four years ago and that is the last one I missed, but I made it up later.

2.Routines are Never Routine: In the five years I have been with you, I have yet to do the same workout twice. Indeed, no two were similar. This variety is fantastic. It keeps things interesting and allows me to push myself much further, since I am always working different muscle groups in different ways. Having yourself and three highly competent trainers assists greatly with this. Everyone abides to the same philosophy, but each has their own style and this ensures routines do not get routine.

3. Support; Encouragement: Between career, divorce, a knee injury and Diabetes, I have been though a great deal in the last five years and you folks were there for me every step. I cannot tell you how many times I felt physically and emotional terrible at the end of the day and wanted to do nothing more than go home and go to bed. No matter how bad I felt walking to the studio, I walked out feeling fantastic.

4. Maximizing Personal Potential: Although I loved sports and aspired to be a great athlete, I never was, but now at 45 I am in far better shape than the vast majority of men who were. You have done a great job of making the most of what I have.

I have been at Elite Fitness for the last 2 years and I now have the best body I have ever had. Being 51 years old I thought that the great youthful bodies I see was not going to be possible for me anymore. I was so wrong! Because of the unique way Elite Fitness takes care of all the parts it takes to have a balanced body, and get maximum results, I could not be happier. I just have to show up and they do the rest! I really feel I don’t work out that much and with all the compliments I receive, most everyone is surprised when I tell them just how easy it is at Elite Fitness Plus. I now put my body first and love my workouts and all the staff there.

I have tried working out on my own as well as working with trainers at other gyms.  Working with the team at Elite Fitness Plus, has been the only solution that has helped me reach my fitness goals.  They individualize each client’s regiment.  I dislike the same routine every day, Elite changes up my sessions with a variance of cardio programs and intervals.

The atmosphere is fun and approachable and the gym is immaculate.  Working with Mike, Alicia, Matt and Ryan has improved my knowledge of exercise and kept me on track in meeting my goals.  What makes Elite Fitness Plus so effective is their unique approach to training.  They pay close attention to how you are feeling while you’re working out.  They ask the right questions and they make sure your performing the movements correctly to get maximum results.  They focus on small goals in order to help you meet your big goals.  Elite coaches have raised the bar.  Their knowledge and attitude surpasses that of any trainer I have ever worked with and it shows in the results.  The entire staff is articulate and extremely driven.  They display an exceptional maturity by continuing their involvement within the fitness industry and by continuation of their professional development in the field, which combines the aspects of human physiology, anatomy, nutrition, program design and behavioral psychology.”

I became a member at Elite Fitness Plus 4 years ago to finally make a real effort to get in shape.  I have never been around a more dedicated staff of fitness professionals.  The coaches and staff at EFP take a genuine interest in the progress I make with  my  program.  The enthusiasm and motivation they provide is the primary reason I have been able to maintain a consistent fitness program, and the results have been so rewarding.  They are like family to me and I am grateful they keep me moving forward in so many ways.  Get off your ass and join!

“I found Elite Fitness Plus to be a top notch organization that fulfilled every promise and helped me reach my physical goals in a short period of time.  The facility has a large selection of state of the art equipment that is always clean and ready for the next user.  The fitness coaches are all great!  And, they truly are fitness coaches who gave me their maximum undivided attention during our allotted workout sessions.  With a demand that I wear a heart rate monitor at all times and a constant recording of my workout activities on my scheduled days and off days, they were able to chart my progress both professionally and accurately.  They even provided me with a dietitian who designed a dietary program specifically for me to help me reach my target weight.  I would strongly recommend Elite Fitness Plus to anyone who has a desire to be the very best that they can be!”

Elite Fitness Plus has provided my 2 kids, a college woman’s basketball player and a High school varsity baseball player, not only the physical and athletic skills to compete at their respective levels, but also the confidence that is so important to give them the mental edge over their opponents.

Mike Davis and his expert “coaches” designed very personal athletic goals for each child so that they could succeed in their respective sports.

Elite Fitness Plus is a fantastic athletic developmental program for any athlete who wants to take their game to the next level.”

“Thanks for the off season workouts!”
Billy played for the Denver Broncos, Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints.

“Since my sophomore year in high school I have worked out at Elite Fitness Plus.  My experience has been incredible throughout all aspects of the program.  As an athlete it is essential for me to improve my speed, agility, strength, flexibility, and knowledge of proper lifting techniques.  The staff has helped me to substantially increase every factor of my game.  In the end, I believe my investment in Elite gave me the edge to be recruited and ultimately play Division I football at Lafayette College.

The facility and training program at Elite are all state of the art.  The best part about my experience, however, was the staff.  Matt, Ryan, Pat and Alicia treated me with absolute respect, were extremely knowledgeable of the training regiments and lifts necessary for my sport, and made every day highly beneficial, but very enjoyable as well.  I cannot say enough good things about all of the people who work at Elite.  I want to sincerely express my appreciation and thanks for how much they have helped me become a better football player and overall athlete.

While I am leaving for college, I plan to come back to work out at Elite on all of my breaks.  I would highly recommend Elite Fitness Plus to any athlete who wants to play at the next level or any person who just wants a fantastic private fitness facility setting with professional fitness coaches to help them get into shape.”

I have been working out at Elite Fitness Plus for almost two years.  My goals were injury prevention and to improve my athletic potential as a volleyball player.  The coaches’ high expectations push me to improve and work hard.  As an athlete, I have seen incredible results.  Thanks to Elite, my strength, power and stamina have improved dramatically and I have avoided injuries throughout my school and club sessions.

“Throughout my time at Elite Fitness Plus, the coaches and Mike Davis have treated me with so much respect.  The coaches worked with me one-on-one to ensure I achieved the best instruction necessary.  I have done many vigorous training sessions to improve my athletic performance.  My success being able to attend and play football at the division I collegiate level would not have been possible if I had not trained with EFP.  Having been to the upper level of collegiate sports and working with strength coaches who are known nationwide, then coming back to work with EFP coaches; it was reassuring to know that they were telling me the exact same thing the strength coaches told me.  The coaching at EFP is great.  They know what they are talking about.  Follow the plan they specifically make for you, and you will achieve much success as I have been fortunate enough to experience.

Thank you to all the coaches who have worked with me.  I look forward to working out here again in the future.”

I came to Elite Fitness Plus for an obvious goal, to get in better shape.  My reasons of why I needed to get in shape were many.  I wanted to improve my agility on the tennis court.  I wanted to look better, but the first and main goal was to take pressure off my ailing back.  Born with Spondylollisthesis I’ve had constant back pain throughout my life.  I’ve found that the more overweight I was, the greater the pain.  By using the playbook that Elite Fitness Plus set up for me, I’ve become stronger and leaner, which has greatly dissipated the pain.  The staff at EFP was able to customize my workouts to alleviate pressure on my back and increase my strength.  My back has never felt so good.  What a difference!  In addition I’m playing higher level of tennis because my strength and quickness on the court has increased.  Elite Fitness Plus has really increased my quality of life and I am greatly appreciative to everyone there.  Thank you.

I joined Elite Fitness Plus in early September 2008.  Elite is no ordinary health club.  The coaches are college graduates with majors in exercise physiology and kinesiology, whose one on one attention to detail and expertise in fitness training is unsurpassable.  Mike Davis and his extraordinary staff are exuberant, motivating professionals who have vastly improved my health and well being.  My life is challenging, balancing personal and professional.  I would spend an inordinate amount of time on my career, and zero time on my health.  I was fatigues at the end of the day, and feeling ancient.  I have increased my strength, cardiovascular and energy to a level I never thought possible.  The camaraderie and genuine personal interest they continually display is such a positive element in my life.  I love being there.

Elite Fitness Plus was a great resource at a time that I needed some extra support for my exercise regime.  I have always been self motivated and disciplined enough to not need a “private trainer”.  I recently had a job position that took so much time away from my regular exercise routine that I knew I needed some support.  I knew that if I had a scheduled time to work out with someone that I would stay motivated.  At first I thought I would be working out with the same trainer.  I was a little skeptical and not happy about working with different trainers.  I actually started to enjoy the variety of having to work with different trainers.  They all complemented each other  and every workout was different.  I never knew what to expect which kept it fresh and innovative.  The work outs were challenging yet tailored towards my fitness capacity.  I always felt confident with each trainer in their approach and expertise.

The staff sincerely cares about their clientele and strives to make each person comfortable and special.  I appreciate working out in an environment that is clean, well equipped, and never crowded.  It is truly a warm and professional setting.  I have recommended it to many people who are serious about their health at any age or level of fitness.  I even signed my husband up.

We are both satisfied with EFP and their friendly staff.  From the minute you walk into the facility you feel welcomed and attended to.  I see EFP as a great resource for my husband and myself in supporting our fitness foundation for years to come.

Elite Fitness Plus has truly changed my body.  Not only on the outside but how I feel about myself on the inside.  The coaches are so professional and knowledgeable.  The owner and staff are always welcoming, supportive and encouraging.  I tell everyone I can about the amazing experiences I have had at Elite.  The one on one training is uniquely created just for your body and the changes you want to see.  Elite will always be a part of my workout routine!

I have been a member of Elite Fitness Plus for over 4 months now and love everything about it!  I have worked out at most of the gyms in the area and there is nothing that comes close to the personal, individualized attention you receive at EFP.  The coaches push me farther than I think I’m capable of and challenge me with a new routine at every appointment.  The equipment is state of the art and immaculate.  Everything is supplied for, towels, personal headphones, water, televisions at every machine, heart rate monitors; the list goes on and on.  The most important part if EFP is the staff.  Everyone knows you by name; knows your strengths and weaknesses and encourages you to be your best!

“As a 58-year old sedentary, overweight woman, I came to Elite Fitness Plus for reasons of vanity.  I could no longer find clothes in the regular departments and had to resort to the unflattering fashions offered in the “Plus Size” departments.  Vanity was telling me I had to get myself under control.

Not only that, but a friend of mine commented to me that when her mother was no longer able to walk, she would have to put her in a nursing home.  That made me think.  Yes, I thought, it could happen to me!  I was horrified when I realized I was heading in that directed – and scared.

The best thing I ever did was walk into Elite Fitness Plus and have a conversation with Mike Davis.  I wondered if he could help such a wreck.  He said he could.  And he and his coaching staff did.  I didn’t know I had the will and tenacity to stick it out – I hadn’t in the past – but with the encouragement and excellent coaching of Mike and all the great coaches, I achieved a major shift in my thinking and outlook.

The benefits have been remarkable and my trips to EFP have become an integral part of my day.  I wouldn’t dream of missing my change to run away from the nursing home!  Almost 6 years later, I’m running fast, huffing and puffing a lot less than I did in the beginning, and I’m headed in the right direction now.”

“The staff at Elite Fitness Plus is the best I’ve ever worked with.  I’ve had many personal trainers in the past, but at Elite you feel like family.

I appreciate the dedication to personal growth and over all well being in addition to physical strength and appearance.


“I have been with EFP for over 3 years now.  Before EFP I never had a personal trainer, but I did workout at a local gym and was relatively active doing the same things year after year.  I hit a point when I stopped exercising.  I was bored and I knew it was time for a change.  I searched the Westlake Village area and visited every personal training facility there was.  EFP was my #1 and only choice.

Everyone is educated and biomechanics is 2nd nature to ALL of the coaches – It’s truly 1 on 1 training.

I am and because of EFP I’m in the best shape ever, physically I feel strong, my cardiovascular system is in top shape and I feel great all the time.  I can cross-country ski for hours, bike in the Santa Monica mountains all day and our back road bike trips are a breeze for me whether it’s 6 days of 8 hr biking in the Canadian Rockies or the hills of Italy – the biking is effortless so I can truly enjoy our trips to their fullest.

Also, through healthy eating habits and regular exercise, my cholesterol is down to 180 from over 300.  NO DRUGS!!!

EFP keeps me on track and dedicated to a healthy lifestyle that has personally affected every aspect of my daily life.  Exercise is not easy and making that commitment is even harder.  EFP made it possible and fun to stay motivated


“Originally when I started, it was merely supposed to be for three months to help me get into shape for my sister’s wedding.  But once I started I was hooked.  The original three months have now turned into close to a year and a half and it’s been awesome.

I want to say thank you for everything.  Working out at your facility has been a privilege and highlight of my life for the past 16 months.  I have enjoyed every minute of it.  I look forward to coming and always walk away feeling stronger and healthier.

Your coaches are phenomenal.  They have been incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.  They know how to push me to be better and stronger and are quite personable along the way.  I enjoy the opportunity to work with them, each with their unique style and personality.  I am grateful to them for all they have taught me and for their direction and encouragement throughout every workout.  You have done a fantastic job hiring a superb staff to work for you.  All are fortunate who pass through your doors who work with these coaches.

Your facility is a pleasure to workout in.  The cleanliness, along with a nice variety of equipment, provisions (water/towels/monitors/headphones), and luxuries (individual TV monitors for every cardio machine) place your facility leaps and bounds above any competitor.  Nothing is as nice as Elite.  It’s a joy to workout in your space.”

After undergoing a two level fusion of the lower lumbar in November of 2008, I had been given the green light to begin my post op rehabilitation.  As a Golf Professional and Director of Golf at Sherwood Country Club, it was extremely important that I work with a team of coaches that would help me to return to playing tournament golf and improve my overall fitness levels. The two most important decisions I had to make were the Surgeon and the rehabilitation team. Since day one I have been extremely impressed with Elite Fitness Plus, the facility and the staff. I am well on my way to achieving my goals and the professional manner of the coaches has been outstanding. I would recommend anyone who is interested in making a concerted effort to improve their overall fitness levels to allow Elite Fitness Plus to be a part of that process. Thank you.

My eleven strokes preceded ten years of working out with a personal trainer. I quickly reached a point where I was resigned to my physical limitations. Thankfully, my path led me to Elite Fitness Plus. After working out here for a bit over a year, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my balance, coordination, and certain muscles are “firing” again that I had given up on.

The beauty of EFP is every coach is “present” with me in my workouts, motivating and fine tuning. Each session is hard work, but not intimidating and the atmosphere in the gym is friendly and comfortable…almost familial. I can’t say enough to anybody who is thinking of joining, but I can say you’ll be glad you did!

Since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 23 years ago and juvenile diabetes 37 years ago my active life has changed over the years. Elite Fitness Plus has been great for me. Mike Davis and all the Elite professional coaches have become so involved in my wellness. I am able to do many different everyday tasks which were difficult before I began working out. My strong legs are now able to transfer much easier than before. I am now able to accomplish everyday tasks, like getting in and out of the shower, using the correct muscle groups that the very capable coaches have helped me strengthened.

Daily, when I am confronted with a new challenge I think “How would a coach have me do this?” Life is now within my ability. The coaches, through their varied workouts, are able to help me use the correct muscles. They know how to change up the workouts so that I gradually get stronger.

Living with diabetes, my eating has always been better than most people. The nutritionist at EFP did give me a few tips which I hadn’t been aware of. EFP is dedicated to each client being fit throughout the day.

We discovered Mark Kurganov through a friend who said he may be able to help my daughter with chronic pain she was having. She is an elite classical ballerina and we were concerned that her pain may limit her career.

Mark’s knowledge and approach to treatment was miraculous. Not only was he able to help relieve her pain in the first session, but she has been strong and pain-free ever since.

In addition, the staff at EFP has been incredible. I give EFP my highest recommendations.

Thanks a million!

My wife Jeanie has a problem with her balance- affecting her ability to walk, stand, sit. Over the years she has tried a variety of techniques; exercise, swimming, yoga, etc. in an attempt to improve her balance- several trainers and physical therapists have tried- all to no avail- until we met Mark Kurganov at Elite Fitness Plus at the Westlake facility. His method of correcting and improving her balance and coordination was dramatic. Jeanie has become physically active again- she moves with confidence without the need of assistance and can enjoy life to a degree not experienced in years.

I highly recommend Mark Kurganov to those in need of help in maintaining a healthy, productive lifestyle.