Is the Holiday Stress Getting to You?

Here are some tips that we’ve gleaned from research and personal experience.

  1. Watch what you eat. See the article in the nutrition section for some great tips to help you from straying away from your good eating habits.
  2. Break a sweat. Just as it is important as maintaining your good eating habits, it is essential to maintain your regular exercise routine. Don’t let the holidays become an excuse to cancel your coaching and group fitness sessions. You’ll like yourself more in 2013 when you’ve been good to your body and mind during the holidays!
  3. When traveling plan for exercise. Walk as much as possible, hit the hotel gym, bring resistance bands, stretch out.We have TRX straps you can borrow to complete simple body weight exercises/work outs while you’re away.
  4. Stretch. Don’t ignore your body’s signals to relax. When you’re feeling the tension of all the holiday excitement creeping into your back, neck, shoulder and arms you need to take a stretch break.
  5. Use correct body mechanics when lifting. When you tote those decorations, boxes and bags. Lift with your LEGS, keep the core strong and respect your lower back. You don’t want the holiday to become an injury in the New Year!
  6. Remain positive and optimistic at all times! Keep your sense of humor, let someone else have that parking space, smile when you’re tired and remember that you’re fortunate to have caring family and friends to enjoy the holiday season with.

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