Golf Swing Characteristic #7: C-Posture

Tips From A PGA Pro 

Swing Characteristic #7: C-POSTURE

C-Posture is used to describe a posture that occurs when your shoulders are slumped forward at address and you have a definitive roundedness to your thoracic spine.

Causes of C-Posture:

    • Limited thoracic spine extension.
    • Upper Crossed Syndrome – muscle imbalances including tight pecs, lats, upper traps, and levator scap and weakness in the mid-scapular muscles, serratus anterior, lower traps, and deep neck flexors.
    • Scapular instability.
    • Instability in the core muscles causing poor posture and the slouched forward position at address.
  • Lack of proper instruction – not understanding the correct setup and posture.
    • Lack of pelvic tilt causing the upper body to bend to address the ball
    • Clubs that are too short.
  • Grip that is too much in the fingers of both hands.

Joe Musser

PGA Teaching Pro

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