Over the Top Golf Swing Fix

Over the Top Fix 

Does practice make perfect? Not necessarily! Practice the wrong swing drill or exercise and it will show up on the course. Be careful what you read in golf magazines and watch on the Golf Channel. Also, be suspect of the advice you take from your golfing buddies. There is way too much information published on “fixing” swing faults, adding to that the highly published and followed concepts that Tiger is “working-on” is not necessarily what you need to be working on…and probably is not!

Here is a great example of what to do and not to do when it comes to fixing your over-the-top golf swing. Below are six photos of a simple med-ball chop coordination swing drill/exercise aimed at creating the correct down-swing sequence. The first three sequence photos are the incorrect way to perform this drill and the second three are the correct way to perform the drill

If you are uncertain of any swing drill or exercise please get the help of our in-house PGA Golf Professional. The last thing you want is to practice drills that are not applicable to your swing issues creating bad motor patterns.

Improper Form for Med Ball Chop-


Proper Form for Med Ball Chop-

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