Neurofeedback: What are the Benefits?

Elite Fitness Plus has partnered with Neurotopia Central Coast to bring Neurofeedback brain training to Westlake Village. Neurofeedback (also known as EEG biofeedback).

Is Neurofeedback an “evidence based” intervention?
The American Academy of Pediatrics has just raised the efficacy rating of EEG biofeedback to a “Level 1-Best Support” intervention for ADHD, equal to medication. Additionally, a 2009 Meta-analysis of EEG biofeedback involving 1,194 ADHD subjects concluded that it meets the highest level of evidence-based support for the treatment of ADHD.

How successful is the training?
Approximately 85% of their clients have significant measurable improvements. EEG biofeedback training optimizes your ability to learn, reduce anxiety, sustain attention, and recover through quality sleep.

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