Neurofeedback treatment for your child

Approximately 11% of children in the US are diagnosed with ADHD. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC) The rising number of ADHD cases have led parents to try alternatives such as Neurofeedback. A few years ago neurofeedback was added to the list of ADHD treatments. This alternative treatment is a procedure where a therapist reads brain activity on an electroencephalography (EEG) test and adjusts feedback to directly train brain function.
In a study published in 2014 in the Journal of Pediatrics, children with ADHD who received neurofeedback made both quicker and greater improvements in ADHD symptoms than kids who had only cognitive training or neither treatment. Those improvements were still seen six months after neurofeedback sessions ended. This study suggests neurofeedback is a promising treatment for ADHD, one that could have lasting effects, unlike ADHD medication that only eases symptoms when it is taken daily.
Neurofeedback is essentially playing a video game but with the child’s brain as the controller instead of their fingers. Brain waves are measured through an EEG as the child interacts with the game. ADHD children harness their brain waves appropriately by learning how to control them. That spurs the motivation to participate and retrains their brain at the same time, improving focus and attention. In addition, memories are formed for how they succeeded and are used in everyday life.
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