June Coache’s Corner

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.” Whether it is your first business, your first fitness regimen, your first relationship or your seasoned professional services, you likely were not successful immediately. It took experiences to create wisdom, failures to create resiliency, successes to create pride, and countless hours of brainstorming to develop the perfect system. Whatever work you have chosen to be successful in, you have placed the majority of your time into perfecting that craft. For us coaches, our craft, our pride is health and wellness.

Oftentimes, I hear compliments from our clients saying: “you make that look so easy” or “what else do you have to work on for your body” or, my favorite, “I could never do that”. YES, yes you can do that. The fact is, people tend to focus on the end product. They see the fit appearance, the proper mechanics, the strength that has been built, they see the successes; they do not see the small efforts repeated day in and day out. They don’t see the injuries, the pain. They don’t see the consistency of brown rice, chicken and broccoli for lunch AND dinner. They don’t see us skipping dessert, skipping drinks and going to bed early on the weekends so we can train our bodies to their maximum potential. It is these small efforts, repeated daily, that brings us to success. We have also learned many tips and tricks to staying healthy, outside of the facility.

“It’s not about the hour you spend at the gym, it’s about the twenty three you don’t.” You mean to tell me I can’t chisel a six pack by doing crunches for an hour straight?! The fact is, the hour you spend with us at Elite is 4% of your total day. We know this, and we give you the most efficient hour possible, but 96% of your day is spent outside of Elite. This is why we are constantly reminding you about nutrition, cardio, core, stretching, rolling and recovering. IT IS THE SUM OF SMALL EFFORTS.

Try adding a few of these small efforts into your daily routine to help you stay consistent:

  • Set a timer and get up from your desk every 45 minutes and move for 5-10 minutes.
    • Do the dynamic warm-up
    • Walk around the building
      • You want to keep your muscles moving and prevent them from “adapting” to the seated chair position.
  • Pack a Health Bar or something similar for a quick, convenient snack.
    • Kind Bars, That’s It bars, Balance Bars, hard-boiled eggs, mixed nuts.
      • Costco has very good choices for quick, healthy snacks
        • Low sugar, high fiber, ingredients you can pronounce
  • Spend 10 minutes the night before and pack a healthy lunch inside a cooler
    • Park as far away from any store as possible.
      • The extra steps add up!
      • If you can manage, try to carry your groceries out of the cart to your car.
  • Buy a fitness tracking device and sync it with a nutritional app.
    • Elite Fitness Plus has an account with “My Fitness Pal”
      • Ask a coach for details
  • People tend to overestimate calories expended and underestimate calories consumed.
  • Buy a mini fridge for under $100 at Costco and keep it full of fruits, veggies and healthy snacks underneath your desk at work.
  • Play with your kids
  • Replace your chair at work with a Stability Ball
    • This will drastically help improve your posture.

Small, consistent efforts are the key to success. No matter the success, you could never have gotten there without repeated efforts. Yes, there will be failures, setbacks, learning experiences and obstacles; but guess what? These are all part of the recipe for success! Do not focus only on the success of others, but respect the obstacles they have overcame and the commitment they have made to perfecting their craft. Your individual fitness journey is different from mine and different from everyone else, but I can promise you one thing: if you continue to make small efforts, day in and day out, your path will eventually lead to success!

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