Experience the Difference..

..between our wellness center with educated Elite coaches (holding degrees in Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology) vs Personal Trainers.

Our Wellness Center Typical Gym
We specialize in clients over the age of 50, post rehab, post surgery, injured or recovering from injury, and special population clients such as cancer patients, MS, polio, etc. “healthy” clients
College educated and degreed Exercise Physiologists Personal Trainers
Individualized, intimate group sessions (average class size is 5 clients) Large, overcrowded group classes
Clean, organized Dirty, messy
Private shower suites Public locker rooms and showers
Manually foam roll and stretch our clients upon request Only provides a stretch area

Additional services offered here at Elite:
• brain-F.I.I.T. (neurofeedback)
• Neuroreflex Therapy