Exercise Physiologist vs. a Trainer…do you know the difference?

Fall is now officially here! School is in full swing and if you are a parent you have “some” time back on your hands. What are you doing with that time? Well I have an idea for you: it’s an investment with a positive return (hard to get any return on any investment these days), it will help you create healthier lifestyle habits, increase your physical well-being, decrease stress (the majority of people in the US suffer from some kind of stress related illness), increase energy, increase confidence, and save you money on medical cost.

Take the challenge and get into the best condition of your life!

Experience the Difference…We have several programs at Elite that will help you “Maximize Your Individual Potential”. All of our programs are intelligently designed by one of our team “Elite” exercise physiologists. An “Exercise Physiologist”, not a “Personal Trainer”, is an individual who holds a BS or MS degree in Exercise Physiology, not a certification (which by the way, any of you can get on your computer tonight and be certified as a “personal trainer” by tomorrow…this is pretty sad since you the “client” are putting your health and well being in the hands of the fitness “professional” who may not know much more than you the client knows in regards to human anatomy and physiology, SCARY!!! I can only assume you “the client” would expect your fitness professional to have an intimate understanding of the functioning of the human body). The body is way too complex to understand all the different working systems without having a college degree: a formal and scientifically founded education. “Elite” focuses on the education of all of our coaches, because we believe having a solid foundation based on education allows us to offer a service that is unparalleled: comprehensive, safe, efficient, and result-generating to all of our clients.

If your current fitness program is not grounded in science and you are not getting the results you desire, then you need to experience the difference of an Elite Coach vs a “personal trainer”, Elite Circuit vs. “boot-camp”, Kinesis vs. “pilates”, small intimate results generating semi-private groups (6-10 clients max) vs big box “group x” classes (25 or more people). If you are frustrated with rubbing shoulders with your “not so best friend” next to you in an over crowded sweat box they call an aerobics room, or you can’t quite figure out why you, a 40 year old woman, is flipping a monster size tractor tire which weighs a ton, or they have you doing the same workout routine as the18 year old jock, but yet you have never exercised a day in your life and you’re 40 with injuries, or you are are exercising at home in one of your spare bedrooms next to your pile of dirty laundry, and all that is on your mind is all the stuff you have not finished around your house and you’re wondering

why you can’t seem to get motivated! Your house is a place for family, serenity and rest: NOT exercise with another person in your house you barely know!!

If any of these scenarios sound way too familiar, please don’t hesitate to call to set up a consultation with one of our Elite Coaches and see our state of the art private wellness / fitness center…805.494.4279

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