Elite Small Group Coaching, Experience the Difference

Elite is excited to announce that our Elite “small” group classes are off and running and going strong. Elite Fitness Plus offers a fully comprehensive small group program that still provides the individual attention from an elite coach (not a “personal trainer”!).  We have several small group coaching program options available so you can choose the program that best fits you! Unlike your typical group classes that have 25 – 40 people participating in them (primarily focused on how much one can sweat), this is more of an intimate, comprehensive and result generating setting where we limit our classes to a  maximum of 10 clients in our Elite Circuits and 6 in our Kinesis and other Studio Classes. The “Elite” small group classes are professionally designed to be functional and comprehensive exercise programs, planned with a focus and purpose: RESULTS!


Small Group/Elite Circuit: (10 people max.)

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