Does your golf equipment need a checkup?

A Word from the Golf Pro!
Hi guys, I hope everyone is well. I know everyone says summer is over but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. The golf has been great everywhere lately and everyone is getting out. With the new tour trailer and golf lab, our golfers are taking advantage and double checking all of their equipment. We have the equipment to check lie, loft, length, shaft flex, swing weight, balance, total weight, and grip size.Book your appointment for a club fitting session today! We have the new mizuno iron fitting heads in and the new quick fit shafts that they just put in their line. Come by and try them back to back with your clubs. If you have a favorite club in the bag feel free to test it and see why it’s your favorite club 🙂 Everyone has been telling me some great golf stories and I’ve seen a lot of improvement from everyone . So last but not least, good job everybody for working hard and seeing results!!! – Pro Joe

-Joe Musser


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