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Rx-F.I.I.T. New at Elite Fitness Plus

Are you injured and want to get back to exercise? Are you recovering from surgery and want to improve your strength? Rx-F.I.I.T. is the 1st of its kind and the newest offering at Elite Fitness Plus! If you struggle with a chronic injury, onset of a new pain / discomfort or completed your post-surgery acute care and you are still NOT where you want to be physically, try Rx-F.I.I.T. which we guarantee will help you improve joint health, strength, flexibility and balance…

Elite Fitness Plus is known for our private one on one coaching. Our post-rehab work with clients including but not limited to those with Orthopedic injury (ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulder), Pre and Post surgical strengthening, Multiple Sclerosis, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), Strokes, Cardio Vascular Concerns, High Blood Pressure, Cancer Recovery, and Autism is what the owner Michael Davis founded Elite Fitness “Plus” for, 20 years ago. Our coaches are all university graduates with degrees in Exercise Science: Exercise Physiology or  Kinesiology. Plus it is mandatory that all of our Elite Coaches then go through our extensive internship program. The human body is incredibly complex and our coaches are not only educated, but then properly trained to work with the complexities of human anatomy . We believe that our clients deserve the very best and our philosophy and slogan, Maximizing Individual Potential, mandates that we hire and train the best.

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