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Overview of Multivitamin and Mineral Formulas

On Wednesday, October 8, 2008 by dotFIT experts


The goal of dotFIT™ multivitamin and mineral formulas is to deliver a combination of nutrients that has the greatest chance of staving off chronic disease, especially when compared to typical mass market formulas.

A properly designed daily multivitamin

  •  Provides nutrients lacking due to low sun exposure
  •  Uses a controlled release preparation for optimal delivery of each nutrient
  •  Provides essential nutrients to help prevent deficiencies
  •  Helps overcome marginal deficiencies common in the typical American diet

Why take the dotFIT multivitamin?

The perfect diet has yet to be defined and the optimal intake of vitamins and minerals changes with ongoing research. Therefore, following an ideal diet is essentially impossible. For most nutrients, there is a large range that benefits the average person while still remaining below the level that can yield adverse events. It is impractical to satisfy all of the body’s physiological needs with food alone. Obstacles to proper eating and optimal nutrient intake include

  •  Insufficient food intake
  •  Increased needs that are not met by diet alone
  •  Lack of interest in or avoidance of essential foods
  •  Maintaining low body fat
  •  Variables that influence the actual nutrient content of food
  •  Maintaining a healthy weight often requires eating too few calories to get proper nutrition
  •  Low sun exposure
  •  Inability to define the perfect diet

Our multivitamin and mineral formulas are made with all the above factors in mind. This includes the nutrient values contained in today’s typical diet and the different overall nutrient needs based on age, gender and activity. The dotFIT multivitamin and mineral formulas are used at specific times throughout one’s lifetime. In addition, they include basic antioxidants beneficial to active individuals.

Unique Features

  • All products are regularly updated with the most recent recommendations from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the industry’s leading experts. dotFIT products are considered progressive evidenced-based formulations
  • All formulas are part of the dotFIT program for safe and ideal compatibility with all products when following your program supplement recommendations
  • Different formulas to meet the unique needs of different populations
  • Formula and use follow strict scientific research criteria
  • The nutrients are in their proper forms, ratios and strengths to help maintain a safe and optimal range 24 hours a day
  • Uses the most sophisticated controlled-release delivery systems to ensure ideal nutrient levels and prevent tissue over-saturation and losses
  • Manufactured in a FDA registered facility, in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) exclusively for dotFIT, LLC


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