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Highlighting the Performance Supplement Package from dotFIT 


dotFIT products are the most practitioner recommended dietary supplement line throughout the sport and fitness channels, and:

  • #1 selling and most trusted supplement line in health clubs – sold by professionals only and not available in consumer channels
  • Largest line of 3rd party tested dietary supplements including NSF Certified for Sport (NSFCS)
  • Help you, your family and clients grow strong, live and play better longer by filling unavoidable nutrition gaps throughout life with professional products used by professionals

Elite Fitness Plus carries Health, Performance, and Weight loss packages of dotFIT supplements. The Performance Package consists of Amino BoostXXL, NO7Rage, CreatineXXL, and Workout Extreme. Read below for a highlight of each in the Performace Package.

Amino BoostXXL™ has the proper combination of amino acids that enhances muscle gain and recovery with regular training. When taken properly, Amino BoostXXL. It delivers the ideal blend of nutrients to take advantage of “metabolic windows of opportunity” for optimal recovery and results, maximizes the body’s muscle building mechanisms, and can lead to greater strength and size gains, especially if you’ve hit a plateau. Amino BoostXXL is suitable for all athletes who train hard and need rapid muscle tissue recovery. This includes all track and basketball athletes, most baseball players, wrestlers, boxers, runners, cyclists, etc. IT is suitable for Physique competitors, especially while dieting to lose weight or body fat. It is also suitable for all older athletes and intense exercisers and anyone who is experiencing a plateau and trying to gain muscle. Following intense training, your body is in negative protein balance until amino acids are provided. By taking this specific blend of amino acids before and after exercise, muscle building is stimulated, recovery is enhanced and results are maximized.

Unique features of Amino BoostXXL:

  • This formula uses a proprietary essential amino acid blend that significantly increased muscle protein synthesis in clinical trials among adult athletes and non-athletes
  • All formulas are part of the dotFIT program for safe and ideal compatibility with all products when following your dotFIT program supplement recommendations
  • Can result in significantly greater muscle gains than traditional protein and carbohydrate shakes and bars
  • Can be used alone or with NO7RagetXXL™ and CreatineXXL™ as part of the dotFIT™ “Xtreme Muscle Stack” for maximum muscle pump and continuous training results for serious exercisers and athletes
  • Contains fewer calories and less nitrogen load on the kidneys, thus providing the greatest “bang for your buck” of any post workout supplement
  • Manufactured in a FDA registered facility, in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) exclusively for dotFIT, LLC


NO7Rage is a performance aid designed to enhance blood and nutrient flow to exercising muscles. This helps intensify training sessions, resulting in improved strength, performance and size when compared similar products or to training without using supplements. The ingredients in NO7Rage have been shown to improve reaction time, endurance and power. Improve mental focus and training motivation, enhance muscle gain, and improve strength.

NO7Rage contains a proprietary blend of compounds that work together to increase blood flow cell volume and mental focus. Greater blood flow to skeletal muscle increases the delivery of oxygen, energy and rebuilding nutrients, and also speeds up the removal of waste products. All of this leads to potential strength improvements, less muscle breakdown and increased muscle size. Results may be enhanced by properly consuming a specific ratio of the muscle building blocks contained in AminoBoostXXL. Who should take this product? Intermediate and advance athletes and exercisers looking for an edge during high intensity, high-volume training, anyone trying to overcome training and muscle size plateaus, anyone who needs or wants to stimulate training desire, workout intensity or mental focus. Unique Features of NO7Rage are:

  • Contains L-citrulline which has been shown to be the most effective ingredient for inducing nitric oxide (NO) production
  • Contains a unique, proprietary blend of taurine, glycerol and betaine to enhance the “muscle pump” during resistance training workouts
  • Includes an exclusive blend of glycerol powder that may be the most important active ingredient related to desired results
  • An essential component of the dotFIT “Xtreme Muscle Stack” for serious exercisers and athletes
  • Contains beta-alanine which has been shown to increase exercise endurance, intensity and strength

CreatineXXL™ can increase the well-known strength and size-enhancing effects of taking creatine supplements alone. In addition to creatine, this product supplies other compounds that optimize muscle cell volume which stimulates protein synthesis and delay fatigue during short bursts of intense activity such as weight lifting. The goals of this product are to increase muscle size and enhance performance above and beyond the effects of supplementing with creatine alone. Why should you take this product? The unique combination of ingredients (i.e. creatine and beta alanine) in this product has been shown to increase exercise intensity, training volume and lean muscle mass. CreatineXXL is the first of its kind and only available through dotFIT.  DotFIT CreatineXXL is suitable for intermediate and advanced exercisers and athletes seeking an advantage during high intensity, high-volume training regimes, anyone who is trying to overcome training and muscle size plateaus, and those concerned with weight or muscle gain. Unique Features of CreatineXXL™:

  • No other performance/weight gain product on the market contains the combination of ingredients in this formula in a convenient tablet form
  • Can be used alone or with NO7Rage™ and AminoBoostXXL™ as part of the dotFIT “Xtreme Muscle Stack” for maximum muscle pump and continuous training results for serious exercisers and athletes
  • Manufactured in a FDA registered facility, in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) exclusively for dotFIT, LLC

WorkoutExtreme™ is designed to increase exercise focus, performance, and intensity without weight gain. This formula supplies several compounds that have shown to Increase energy levels, delay the onset of fatigue, improve training intensity, and boost mental focus. WorkoutExtreme can also be used by those who can tolerate stimulants as a pre-workout or daily “pick-me-up”. Why take this product? dotFIT™ WorkoutExtreme contains a unique blend (caffeine, ginseng, taurine, glucuronolactone) that has been shown to enhance mental focus and work capacity. As a result, overall calorie burn can increase and enhance weight management goals. In addition, greater training intensity and focus may enhance performance goals for both aerobic and anaerobic athletes. Unique features of Workout Extreme are:

  • Increases workout energy and intensity without weight gain in a convenient pill form.
  • Ginseng is standardized and certified for proper ginsenosides that have shown positive metabolic effects.
  • Uses a rapid release capsule delivery system to maximize the formula’s potential and provides an immediate impact on training intensity.
  • Manufactured in a FDA registered facility, in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) exclusively for dotFIT, LLC

For more information, questions, or to place an order please see an Elite Coach.

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