An Efficient Golf Swing

Tips From A PGA Pro 

Power Principles for Golf Swing Efficiency 

The standard analogy for how to generate force is the analogy of snapping a towel. Hold towel in hand, wave it towards an object (think locker room guys!) and give it a short quick jerk back. The golf swing operates on the same principle.


Today, it is well understood that the best ball strikers in the world transfer energy similarly to this towel snap or whip snap move. The whip in the golf swing starts by accelerating the hips and then decelerating the hips. This passes the energy on the torso which accelerates and then decelerates. The energy goes form there to the arms, which snap the club through impact carrying the speed and energy of the legs, core, and upper body.

Moral of the story here: you need to SLOW down your hips to hit the ball farther.

I have seen hundreds of golfers hit the ball shorter than they should because they continue to accelerate their hips through the golf ball, which makes decelerating the upper body and arms very difficult.

Here is a great feel drill to create the sensation of decelerating the body in the correct sequence into impact. The drill is called “Hit and Recoil”.

Grab an impact bag and a 6 iron. Use a 3/4 swing and hit the bag but at the moment you make contact with the bag swing the club back up to the top of the swing. Two tricks that help this move are a stable left hip and a solid release.

The more advanced version of this drill is the hit and stop. In this drill, use the same 3/4 swing but when you make contact with the bag this time. FREEZE. This drill will help you feel what it’s like to speed up the club-head regardless of technique.

Bye the way, please do not try this with a golf ball. The torque required to decelerate your body could cause injury.

Try this drill to really fire up the power principles in your swing to hit it farther.

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