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The following is an account of my incredible experiences with Elite Fitness Plus (FFP) over the last five months. I am providing this so that others who may be dealing from similar physical problems, or are elderly like me (75), or those of any age who want to regain their balance, posture, stamina and/or increase strength, I strongly recommend their fitness programs.

Several months ago I was diagnosed with a cancer, which was located in my left kidney. It was necessary to undergo surgery to remove the kidney in its entirety. This action resulted in the total removal of the cancer. For this I am truly thankful, but this experience was not without major consequence to me. Subsequently, I lost 30 lbs. of weight, suffered from an overall loss of strength, dizziness and a serious loss of balance.

I had always been an active person, and then I was not able to do any of the activities I loved. Prior to this operation, I was playing golf two to three times a week and capable of walking the course without a cart. This inability was unacceptable to me. I needed professional help in restoring my physical stamina and sense of balance.

My wife is a member of EFP, and had been for a few of years. She has suffered pain and difficulty with mobility due to severe arthritis, throughout her body for many years. Because of their excellent and individualized program for her, she has continued to remain mobile. She is able to walk, without aids and her pain has been greatly controlled. Because of her successes with EFP, I decided to give their program of personalized fitness training a trial.

Now, after only a few months, I am delighted to say that I have significantly improved my balance, strength and stamina, even beyond my expectations. This has proved to be the best decision I have made. Today, several months later, I have improved my strength and stamina and have restored my balance and posture.

I am a very satisfied customer of Elite Fitness Plus

Steve Larabee

I am an avid golfer but after completing a round at The Seabee Course, I could barely walk back to the car.  I prided myself on walking the course, but it was becoming clear I was heading for cart golf.  When I got home, I struggled to get out of the car.  I was sore and stiff.  Getting up our of a chair or off the floor was difficult.   I knew something had to change.

Weighing nearly 32 pounds more than I did when I left the Navy in 1994, I  joined EFP.    Three months personal instruction was very helpful in making me ready for small group classes.  For nearly seven years I have participated in small group classes for cardio, weight training, and recovery.  The transformation has been astounding.    Appproaching 70 (yikes!) I walk golf courses with ease.   I no longer look like Homer Simpson.  Now with a strong core, my belt size is more than 2 inches less than when I left the Navy although I weigh 3 pounds more (still down 29 lbs).  And my periodic bouts with significant back pain have disappeared.  I still get reminders but it usually corrects itself in one day.   My chiropractor has seen the difference with longer times between visits that focus on maintenance not pain.

It makes staying disciplined a lot easier when you know the people you train with care and are meticulous in helping you avoid injury by doing exercises correctly.   The dedicated professionals of EFP are responsible for my results along with my determination to attend classes on a regular basis, every week.

Unfortunately, my golf game has gotten worse, from a 5 to a 9 handicap.  However I have an excuse.  I tell my friends when I hit bad shots, my new strength and flexibility is killing my game.


Paul McDonald

Commander,   US Navy (retired)

Ever since I started at Elite Fitness, I have never felt better both physically and mentally. I start my day with eFiit every day and I feel energized and motivated at work, I eat healthier and push harder every work out. The facility is top knotch, clean and has the amenities I need and use. Thanks Elite Fitness

Rahul Alim
CEO, Custom Creatives, Agoura Hills, CA

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